Interior design & furniture 2020

Steel, aluminium, mdf, glass, neon led, pvc, felt, Kvadrat fabrics.

12720 x 5740 x 4120 mm.




Define yourself to chose better.

Project realized in the frame of the international biennial of design of Saint-Etienne on the theme "Working promesse, les mutations du travail". Project showcased in the exhibition "La gueule de l’emploi".

Riasec is an orientation table inspired by the John Holland’s test. It helps oneself know his/her profile and the related careers through four surveys (I can, I want, I do not want and I do not know), which takes into account the experiences lived and known by the person, the development of his/her interests and his/her abilities.

Educative and psychological tool, Riasec can help you know yourself better, to auto-evaluate, to realize who you are and what you do or do not want. Even if the efficacy of this test is not certain in term of professional orientation (because suggestible and often reductive …), it allows people to think about their personality, to exchange about their wishes, to discover a new side of themselves and maybe a vocation.