Object 2018

Polished stainless steel mirror, Kvadrat waterborn.

510 x 120 x 720 mm.





Multiply the reflected image.


This mirror creates a transition between the wall support and the image it reflects, producing kind of an extension of it, as an infinite depth, similar to the dune landscape.

It consists of two superimposed identical stainless steel mirrored plates, and colorful fabric on the back.

The first plate is folded in order to form flanges to frame and extend the image inside the mirror : the frame is the mirror. 

The second plate is used as a support for the wall hanging. Flat, it accentuates and makes the image go beyond its frame : the mirror is the frame.

Mirror and frame fade and blend by multiplying reflections. This superposition of layers gives to see different colors and curves. Like the light that clings to the reliefs of the dune landscape, it changes the perception of shapes and reflections. Between light and shadow, the reflected image is thus sublimated.