Scenography 2020

Cotton, fir, aluminium, ink, water.

Surface of 12 m².


Set up a kiosk.

Project carried out for Designregio Kortrijk and Contrei Live, as part of an artistic journey on the theme of  water : exploring the region of South-West Flanders by bike, in order to initiate a reflection on and around water, to start a dialogue on the importance of this increasingly precious asset.

It is an artistic device that puts water in the spotlight.

Rainwater is a natural resource that is untapped and lost in urban areas (sewers, concrete, does not reach groundwater, …) : by using water as a raw material in this project, the idea is to draw the public's attention to its preciousness, as well as to the place of ecology in urban areas.

Water and ink are placed in aluminium gutters, fabrics are dipped into these gutters from below and soak the ink mixed with water. Thus, ink and water spread and diffuse on the fabrics by capillary action as water is added. The device evolves according to the quantity of water put in the gutters. The ink draws abstract and unique patterns by marking the fabrics ; each trace thus evokes and symbolises the amount of rainwater that has fallen. The fabrics react to each addition of water and thus serve as supports.

The evolution of the device is slow, so each transformation incites to pause, to take time for contemplation. We often pass by things without noticing them, yet they move and live without us being able to see it. The idea is to take the time to observe what surrounds us, paying attention to the imperceptible. The device is envisioned as a "symbolic marker" of falling rainwater, making this loss visible by matching this natural resource with unique and evolving transformations.