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 Interior design & furniture 2018
Steel, oak, mdf, plexiglas, glass paste tesselle, rope, molding, cornice.
Various dimensions (surface of 40 m²).
Convert a shop.
Project realized for MAAAD Selection of objects, a shop of decorative objects and small furniture in Toulouse (www.maaadboutique.com).
The shop offers old and contemporary pieces very varied and with a strong identity : its layout and interior furniture had to keep a kind of neutrality to highlight the various objects on display.
The project was built around the idea of modularity, the realized furniture makes possible to compose scenes, environments, different layouts, to expose different pieces. All elements (pedestals, shelves, showcases) can be moved to easily renew the interior of the shop.
Six pedestals of different height and size, easily movable, are placed in the shop window and in the middle of the shop, around a floor mosaic (made to measure in glass paste, with the MAAAD logo) : these white pedestals with the oak top, create volumes and circulation in the store, and display different objects and furniture for sale (serving as support and white background).
The shelves are made of steel tubes fixed to the floor and ceiling, with oak boards grooved on the underside and simply placed on steel rods : they can move and remove depending on the appearance and the size of the objects to display. They have different shape (rectangular, rounded) to welcome at best the diversity of display, also allowing to create shadows and lights. The boards con also accommodate black plexiglas and/or mirror supports to highlight the objects differently, on a different background.
Other elements complete the layout : steel rods, serving as wall hangers (for hanging frames, mirrors, ...) and for easy change of decoration or display scenography ; a jewelry display and a fireplace (fictional and decorative), with large mirrors ; black extensions, that graphically coat the ceiling and present chandeliers for sale ; a large fixed checkout counter, with a light-up niche inserted to expose a particular piece of the shop (the object of the month for example).
Photography : bling. studio