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 Furniture 2019 - bling. Edition

Glass, fabric.

600 x 350 x 146 mm.

Create the drape with objects.


This shelf is made of UV-glued glass, with a piece of fabric that slides behind each level. The fabric is positioned and adjusted according to the wish of each user : place it on the front or the back, to expose or, rather, hide some objects.

Inspired by still-lifes, memento mori and vanities, this small shelf highlights or preserves the objects it presents. Like an altar, its system allows to show the preciousness and importance we want to give to some trinkets, souvenirs or books, those we particularly like.

Thus, everyone can compose his own little painting with his objects : they are the ones who create drapery and form. The choice of satin helps to give more reflection and relief to the exhibits.

Photography : bling. studio