Object 2019
Plexiglas, adhesive mirror, steel, gold leaf, epoxy resin, brass, cable, string, chain, walnut, polished stainless steel mirror, aluminum, piano string, glass.
160 to 1640 x 0 x 500 to 3000 mm.

Take time to enjoy slowness.


Some changes are imperceptible, or visible only when they end. This mobile is in an endless movement, even if it’s slow. It lives in balance, swings like a pendulum.

The environment affects the object and its aesthetic and vice versa. Natural light passes through the circles and the resin filter. Depending on its place under the sun, that colorful surface invades the space.

These effects invite you to take a break, take time to contemplate : the object "forces" our eyes to focus on its presence, on its smooth movements, and on the present moment.