Lighting 2020

Blown glass, neon led, rope.

668 x 668 x 859 mm.


Shed the light.


Palm is a chandelier composed of a tubular glass and neon lights, suspended by ropes. 

The colourful glass elements are shaped by hand, then uv-glued, and hold the colourless glass tubes, which host the neon lights. 

Inspired by the palm tree, the shape of the chandelier evokes this exotic and tropical tree with large palm leaves, present in hot regions. The main trunk ends in a bundle of large leaves, arranged in a fan shape. 

The neon lights, which hang at the end of these five branches, are reminiscent of the bunches of fruits gave by certain species. Thus, these handles serve both as support for the neon lights and as hook for the suspension. 

Its structure, both thine and majestic, allows the deployment of several branches of lights.