Graphic design 2021

Paper, charcoal.

125 x 125 mm.

Lien musiques

Trace the light.


Metro is a series of two pendant lights. Each consists of a tubular glass structure, suspended by ropes, and a neon.

The coloured glass elements are shaped by hand and hold the colourless glass tubes, which receive the neon.

Inspired by metro maps, these lamps form a circuit. Their tubular structures allow the guiding of the electric cable. The transparency of the glass thus makes it possible to follow the light path, from the colourless tube to the coloured one. The coloured handles make the changes of direction visible and serve as hooks to the suspension.

The design of the lamps evokes urban underground journeys, with the different lines, intersections and connections. Like a metro map, these suspensions reveal what is usually invisible, underground. They form the map of a coloured light path.